Progress informed by the past, and inspired by the future

    • Citi has built a
      business on local and international partnership.

    • Fueling the global economy: The Supertanker

      Fueling the global economy:
      the supertanker

      In 1948 as the world's economy emerged from the war, demand for fuel oil skyrocketed. Moving oil was slow and expensive, so Aristotle Onassis wanted to double the capacity of tankers. He turned to Citi to finance the world's first supertanker. Today these supertankers are moving more resources — and fueling the global economy — all around the world.

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    • The City Bank of New York

      A new bank for New York supports
      foreign trade

      The City Bank of New York was formed on June 16th, 1812, after overcoming many obstacles and political maneuverings. Led by Samuel Osgood, a far-sighted elder statesman who believed in expanding trade across borders, the bank let New York compete with Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia for the nation's business.

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    • Citi funded the New York, Newfoundland, and London Telegraph Company, which laid the first succesful Transatlantic Cable in 1858