Don Callahan Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Citi

Don Callahan

Head of Operations & Technology

    Don Callahan is the Head of Operations & Technology for Citi.
    Mr. Callahan's responsibilities include management of global Operations & Technology, as well as Chair of the Chief Infrastructure Office, which sets global standards for all technology throughout Citi. He also leads Citi's Data Management program, which enables the aggregation, storage and utilization of Citi's data to drive revenue growth, manage businesses and enhance the client experience.
    Mr. Callahan is chair of the Digital Governance Office, which drives Citi's digital strategic initiatives.
    He is also responsible for General Business Services, which includes driving increased productivity by consolidating common functions in to Citi Shared Services. General Business Services also includes managing Citi's real estate globally.
    Mr. Callahan joined Citi in October 2007 and is a member of Citi's Operating Committee.
    Mr. Callahan began his career at International Business Machines where he held a series of positions in technology development and strategic planning, including the Director of Strategy for IBM Japan.
    In 1993, Mr. Callahan joined Morgan Stanley in the equity division focused on client technology before becoming Head of Business Management. In 2006, he joined the senior management team at Credit Suisse working in New York and Zurich with responsibility for driving client level profitability.
    He serves on the boards of the American Red Cross of Greater New York and Manhattanville College. Mr. Callahan is also a member of the Business Committee of Metropolitan Museum of Art and is a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association.