Manuel Medina-Mora Co-President, Citi - Chief Executive Officer - Global Consumer Banking - Chairman, Mexico

Manuel Medina-Mora

Co-President, Citi

Chief Executive Officer, Global Consumer Banking

Chairman, Mexico

    Manuel Medina-Mora is Co-President of Citi overseeing Global Consumer Banking. His global responsibilities include all Consumer and Commercial Banking businesses, including Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Credit Cards, Mortgages and the Operations and Technology division supporting the business. Mr. Medina-Mora also oversees Citi's franchise in Mexico.
    In early 2010, Mr. Medina-Mora was named the head of North America Consumer Banking in addition to his responsibilities as CEO of Latin America and Mexico. He also became Chairman of the Global Consumer Council with responsibility for designing and implementing Citi's Global Consumer Banking strategy. At the end of 2011, Mr. Medina-Mora was appointed CEO of Citi's Global Consumer Bank.
    After earning an M.B.A. from Stanford University, Mr. Medina-Mora rejoined Banamex in 1976. Over the next several years, he held positions in Consumer and Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking and Treasury; he also held senior management roles in London, New York and California.
    Mr. Medina-Mora served as the CEO of Grupo Banamex-Accival (Banacci) from 1996 to 2001. Under his leadership, Banacci was the only Mexican financial institution to weather Mexico's financial crisis without diluting its shareholders. During Mr. Medina-Mora's tenure, Banacci more than tripled its market capitalization from $3.3B to $12.5B ($10.8B pre-Citi acquisition). In 2001, Banamex was integrated into Citi, and Mr. Medina-Mora became responsible for Mexico. Since then, net income has more than tripled, and Banamex has maintained its position as one of the largest, strongest and best-rated financial groups in Mexico.
    In early 2004, Mr. Medina-Mora's role expanded as he became CEO for the entire Latin America region. As CEO he led the region to significantly expand its business within Citi. During his tenure the region increased its contributions to Citi's overall profits from 10 percent to 21 percent.
    Mr. Medina-Mora has played an active role in community and cultural activities in Mexico, including the establishment of Banamex's widely recognized Financial Education program. He is also an active member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council.