Citi's Leadership Standards

These are the measurable skills, abilities and knowledge that all Citi colleagues should demonstrate to be successful Citi leaders.

Builds talent and teams for Citi by creating a culture of meritocracy and transparency, and celebrating excellence, initiative and courage

  • Inspires and empowers the team to work collaboratively to achieve superior results
  • Creates an environment where people hold themselves to the highest ethical standards
  • Models personal growth and consistently provides coaching and feedback in support of ongoing development and retention
  • Attracts great talent, builds a diverse talent pipeline, and recognizes, rewards, promotes based on performance

Enables economic value and positive social impact for clients, companies, governments, and communities

  • Puts clients first by anticipating, understanding, and exceeding their expectations and needs
  • Acts as a trusted partner to clients by delivering superior advice, products and services
  • Brings the best of Citi and knowledge of global issues and market trends to create value and good will with clients
  • Drives innovation, competitive differentiation and speed to market by actively learning from others

Works collaboratively across the firm and encourages others to achieve the best results for Citi and our clients

  • Exemplifies global leadership by embracing unique perspectives from across Citi to achieve the best solutions
  • Challenges self and colleagues to higher levels of performance by actively listening and engaging in constructive dialogue
  • Treats people with respect and assumes the intentions of others are based on common goals and shared purpose

Champions a culture of high standards, pushes for progress, embraces change and challenges the status quo in support of Citi's vision and global strategy

  • Communicates a vision that is forward looking and responsive to changes in the environment
  • Inspires enthusiasm and mobilizes resources for productive and innovative change
  • Exhibits confidence and agility in challenging times
  • Sets a positive tone when implementing Citi-wide change initiatives

Ensures systemically responsible outcomes while driving performance and balancing short and long term risks

  • Sets the standard for the highest integrity in every decision
  • Leads by example; willing to make difficult choices in support of Citi and our stakeholders
  • Makes Citi better for all by putting the clients' and Citi's interests ahead of individual or team interests
  • Has the courage to always do what's right and the humility to learn from mistakes

Sets high standards and achieves performance objectives by creating a clear path toward ethical and sustainable results

  • Translates Citi's strategy into effective business plans while proactively overcoming obstacles
  • Prioritizes and provides a clear line of sight to the most critical work
  • Sets goals and measures progress to ensure the organization is focused on ethics, execution, and results
  • Expects self and team to consistently meet/exceed expectations