Our Mission

Citi for Cities is our commitment to help modernize city infrastructure, support economic development and job creation, transform efficiency and enhance livability in cities.

Today, over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, it will be 70%.

As the world’s people increasingly move to urban areas, Citi for Cities is our global initiative to enhance urban prosperity and sustainability.

Partnering with governments, businesses, citizens and community groups, we apply innovations and best practices from across the globe to address the unique local priorities of each city, targeting nine distinct Urban Ecosystems: Roads & Transit, Public Safety, City Administration, Social Services, Education, Ports of Entry, Regeneration & Development, Healthcare, and Energy & Utilities.

Backed by Citi's extensive capabilities and global network, we work to modernize city infrastructure, support urban economic development and job creation, and enhance quality of life for people everywhere.

  • If cities seek to upgrade their transportation systems, utilities, healthcare networks and more, we can help them through advisory and finance.
  • If cities seek to enhance their treasury management, leverage their spending power, or streamline their operations, we can help them through efficiency optimization.
  • If cities seek to replace paper-based or cash-based systems with online or mobile channels, or use mobile technology to deliver information and payment services, we offer digitization of services.