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CEO Message

Vikram Pandit Chief Executive Officer Citigroup Inc. In the eight years that Citi has published a Citizenship report, we have never before seen the scale of economic turmoil that has shaken the U.S. and global economies. Yet through these uncertain times, Citi's Citizenship leadership is more important than ever before.

Our work to address pressing societal issues–from supporting communities struggling to cope with waves of foreclosures, to offering financial education to allow individuals to better manage their money, to providing financing to microfinance institutions and identifying environmental business opportunities in partnership with our clients–is needed and valued. Our Citizenship programs make an immediate and significant difference in improving quality of life and establishing the foundation for long-term prosperity for individuals, communities and society as a whole. We will continue to leverage our unique global reach and local presence to bring successful Citizenship initiatives to scale, adapting our knowledge and expertise to local conditions and cultures.

Diversity is very important to me and to Citi. The key to business success is having diversity of thought. Our success–and the success of our culture of meritocracy–depends on every one of us having the chance to succeed. Citi's diverse and talented employees make this possible. Their exceptional efforts on behalf of our clients, communities and other stakeholders are apparent in the stories you will read in this report. They have overcome limited resources and a difficult operating environment to maintain an incredible level of service and programmatic achievement.

We will work diligently in order to restore confidence in financial markets and establish an even stronger footing for the future of our organization.

Our Citizenship efforts are a key part of our way forward, and I invite you to share your thoughts with us on our continuing journey.

Vikram Pandit
Chief Executive Officer
Citigroup Inc.

2008 Citizenship Report

2008 Citizenship Report2008 Citizenship Report
As a global financial institution and industry leader, Citi takes pride in its citizenship efforts. Clicking on the link above will allow you to read Citi's eighth Annual Citizenship Report in its entirety.

To read about a specific area of Citi's citizenship efforts, please click on the links below to go to the relevant section of the 2008 Citizenship Report:


Citi Citizenship Brochure

Citi Citizenship BrochureCiti Citizenship Brochure
The 2008 Citizenship Brochure provides a snapshot of Citi's citizenship efforts in the areas of microfinance and microentrepreneurship, diversity, financial education and the environment and the philanthropic work of the Citi Foundation.