Citi has built a strong record in leading the effort to support military personnel and their families—and especially to hire veterans in key positions throughout the company. Citi employs more than 2,000 military-experienced colleagues, including nearly 700 veterans hired in 2011 alone.

Citi has a dedicated recruiting effort specifically to help find jobs for transitioning military personnel and their families. Our commitment to veterans is ingrained in our culture, coming from the very top of the company.

Citi Junior Military Officer Leadership Program: Providing Training for Military Veterans
Military veterans possess skills and training that make them valuable assets to employers. But the transition to civilian careers is challenging for many who have served. Citi recognizes the unique talents and contributions of veterans and, through Citi Salutes, has created programs like the Junior Military Officer Leadership Program to train, hire and develop them.

With your military service comes a unique set of skills and a quality of character. Your specialized training and experience make you an ideal candidate for enhancing Citi’s diverse and talented team. And we’ll do our part to facilitate your transition with programs that provide assistance with networking, mentoring, resume writing and leadership training. Take the next step toward a career that will apply and reward your abilities, with a company that holds your service in the highest regard.
GI Jobs: Finance Your Future
"For a company like Citi that is global in nature and works with so many facets of the government, someone with a military background has the same kind of mission objectives and knowledge that are a benefit to us, said" former Air Force captain Kevin Fitzgerald, who works for Citi in Washington, D.C., as the managing director in Citi Global Transactions Services, where he is responsible for North America Public Sector Client Management.

"We actively recruit veterans because we recognize the leadership, maturity and skills their military training and experience provide."

- Suni Harford
Citi Regional Head of Markets, North America
Citigroup Wants You! Bank to Hire More Than 1,000 Veterans