Alberto Gomez Alcala Economic Research and Communications, Grupo Financiero Banamex-Citigroup

Alberto Gomez Alcala

Economic Research and Communications

Grupo Financiero Banamex-Citigroup

    Alberto Gomez is Executive Director of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Citigroup's area of Research and Communications. His responsibilities include the entire range of economic analysis - macroeconomics, finance, sectors, regional activity - as well as institutional communications for Mexico and Latin America. He also participates in strategic planning for the region.
    In this role, he serves as Director and Editor for all of Banamex-Citigroup's publications covering economic, political and social studies, including: "Review of the Economic Situation of Mexico" (published monthly in Spanish and English since 1925); the "Daily Economic Report," "Flashnotes," "Regional Indicators of Economic Activity" and "México Social." He is also a published author, most recently of "25 Años de Desarrollo Social en México" (25 years of Social Development in Mexico) and "Nuestros Valores, Los Mexicanos en México y en Estados Unidos al Inicio del Siglo XXI" (Our Values: Mexicans in Mexico and the United States at the Beginning of the 21st Century). He is the Secretary of the "Banamex Prize in Economics," and Adviser to subsidiaries of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Citigroup, as well as to the Mutual Funds and the Afore (pension fund). He has worked at Citigroup since 1981.
    Mr. Gomez is a Member of Technical Advisory Committees at the Mexican Institute of Financial Executives (IMEF) and the Center of Private Sector Economic Research (CEESP). He has also been a member of the Center of Economic Analysis and Research (CAIE - ITAM), and is a member of such international economic organizations as the CBE (Conference of Business Economists) and the ICCBE (International Conference of Commercial Bank Economists).
    He has a Ph.D. in Economics (1986) and a Masters in Economics (1984) from the University of Pennsylvania.