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Note: The acronym "TLP" can be used to mean either "Technology Leadership Program" or "Technology Leadership Professional" based on context.

Written Testimonials

Career Path

“Citi’s Technology Leadership Program (TLP) helped me gain diverse perspectives on everyday business activities. As I rotated through the various technology functions, I worked with colleagues from around the globe in Operations, Finance, Risk, Audit, Legal, Marketing, Sales and others. The depth and breadth of what you can learn, the networks you can build and the impact you can make is limited only by your ambition. My journey took me through Credit Cards as a systems analyst working on our North America credit card processors; to Consumer Lending as a business analyst finding cost save opportunities; to eBusiness as a project manager rolling out our next-gen ATM platform in South-East Asia. What’s more, being in a different location for each of those assignments added to my personal and professional growth. For me this journey continues post program with my transition into the Finance organization supporting eBusiness (ATM, Internet and Mobile) technology.”

- Nikhil Nampali

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“The Technology Leadership Program offers a great opportunity to those who are interested in a technology career. I came into the program from an operations management background hoping I could transition that previous experience into a technology career. The rotations assigned to me have complimented my skill set and allowed me to learn more about technology while using that skill set to benefit the team. I am now more comfortable working in the technology field and have a gained tremendous experience that will allow me to be very successful in my technology career in the future.”

- Jennifer Toerner


“When you deposit a check, transfer money or just make a withdrawal, technology makes it happen. My first rotation had me as a project manager for our ATM group. Not only did I get to work on changing a global platform, I was also part of new “Proof of Concept” ideas that aren’t even in the marketplace. Always thinking of how technology can make it easier for people to manage their finances is what drives innovation. Technology is core to making a bank function which is why I chose Citi.”

- Dominic Varacalli

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“I’ve been with Citi for a little over four years now. Before joining the Technology Leadership Program I spent three years as a mainframe application developer with a focus specifically on credit card rewards in North America. Joining the TLP removed the blinders that (I never realized) I had on and revealed a part of Citi that I never knew existed. In my first rotation in Enterprise Architecture, I was working side-by-side with people that had been in the industry for 20+ years. My rotation had me involved with nearly every line of business in each of Citi’s four global regions moving them towards our preferred payments reference architecture. My second rotation, while in its infancy, has me working in a similar global capacity in the Strategy and Planning Global Program Office, helping execute global initiatives that are critical to Citi’s future success.

Without the Technology Leadership Program, I would still know only a fraction of what makes Citi who we are. Sure, I knew we were a global financial institution that offered a wide variety of products and services, but you never really understand until you’ve experienced it first-hand.”

- Scott Heckel

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“Networking is about expanding opportunities and developing relationships; being a TLP positions you to do just that.  From day one of my rotations I have been exposed to leaders from across the organization that not only support the program but empower you to succeed.  From advice from my mentor to direction from my manager, I feel that our leaders are invested in my future with Citi and believe that we are forming lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

I am also thankful for the great relationships I am forming with fellow TLPs.  Not only am I developing professional contacts that will last throughout my career but friendships as well!  As I continue along my paths in Citi I am confident that I will be interacting with and relying on the networks I am building now.  I believe that my fellow TLPs will have a lasting impact on my professional career and are the most valuable asset I will gain from the Technology Leadership Program.”

- Ed Gramatges

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“One of my favorite aspects of the Technology Leadership Program is the strong culture developed among my class and the other TLPs. I can’t tell you how valuable it was to have a group of similar people that I could rely on whenever I had question. The networking that develops naturally was a huge boost to my career as it allowed me to better understand how all of the different organizations operate within Citi.”

- Ryan Vose


“I had been with Citi for over three years before I joined the Technology Leadership Program.  However, I know many people that have worked more than ten years or have even spent their entire career at Citi.  With friendly colleagues, countless opportunities for growth and various types of jobs, it is easy to see how people can spend their whole career at Citi.  The rotations of the TLP provide me the chance to collaborate with more people in three different capacities over two years.  TLP’s meet and work with different people all over the world and can even travel and stay in different countries.  I worked in China, the U.S., and now I’m working in Singapore.  For me, the TLP is a truly exciting and valuable experience!”

- Jintao Jian

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“Training is a critical component of the Technology Leadership Program.  Before starting your rotations within the program, you will participate in “Springboard” - an intense three weeks of training. As part of the training, the TLP class is presented with a real-life business problem. You and your team are responsible for gathering information from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), researching and evaluating possible solutions, and ultimately recommending your group proposal as the best alternative. Concurrently, you will attend multiple sessions covering a variety of topics: Project management, agile development, understanding personalities, managing diversity, etc.  Upon completing the training, you are going to be exhausted but you will have developed the fundamental skills needed to succeed at Citi.”

- Khoi Nguyen

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Post Rotation Success

“After graduation in 2009, Citi has given me great opportunities to contribute to transformational technology oriented project that will position Citibank as best-in-class in product offering and customer satisfaction. Also, I have just transitioned from Project Management to Business Analysis/Solution Design capacity with promotion.  With that, not a single day goes by without challenge which is amazing source of pride and motivation to me.

The major reason that I enjoy challenges and fast pace environment is because I came to know change is a good thing and what really matters are hard work with the highest integrity and ability to quickly adapt to a new environment. TLP program’s rotational assignment structure exposed me to various business domains, different assignments in its nature, and managers with colorful leadership styles. Through rotational work assignments, you will learn a lot from the exposure and it’s simply a very unique opportunity that not everyone will experience in her/his career.”

- Kevin Kim


“I am currently managing a 12-member team dedicated to product test and quality assurance services for an application critical to executing our corporate strategy.  Backed by the encouragement of our senior leaders, I have retained the “rotation” mindset by taking on positions of increasing levels of responsibility even off-program – this is my third role since completing the TLP program two years ago.  The other positions I held post-program were Technical Lead and, more recently, R&D Engineer/Architect.

The TLP program set me up for success by affording me challenging assignments that consistently stretched my technical and leadership capabilities, both of which are integral to the skill-set required in my current position.   Additionally, the variation of rotations gave me the necessary experience and confidence to step into new roles and contribute immediately with minimal ramp-up.  I strongly feel that the TLP program has prepared me for my three assignments thus far, and believe that it will continue to serve me well throughout the remainder of my career.”

- Tim O'Neill

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