About Citi Community Capital

Citi Community Capital, the community development lending and investing group of Citi, offers the industry's most comprehensive affordable housing and community development financial products. From single-project transactions to portfolio-wide solutions, CCC combines unparalleled community development expertise with industry leading capital markets capabilities to offer financial solutions to preserve and build stronger communities.

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September 23, 2014
Andre Agassi Celebrates Opening of Bronx Charter School

Affordable Housing

We offer the most comprehensive services and products for non-profit and for-profit affordable housing developments, charter schools and healthcare facilities. Citi provides an array of responsible lending solutions, including pre-development loans, construction financing and permanent financing.

Community Development

Citi is stimulating community development with investment banking and financing for developers, syndicators and community organizations. We offer a wide array of solutions along with the professional advice and expertise to help secure the most effective options.

(updated 6/30/2014)

18,336 Housing Units Financed
4,201 Designated for Seniors
200 Transactions Closed
129 Cities Served

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"With the help from Citi, 1,000 residents have access to a brand new community and state of the art amenities. Kings Terrace is truly a model for urban renewal in Miami and other large metropolitan areas throughout the country."

— David O. Deutch, Partner, Pinnacle Housing Group

"Recognizing the void for affordable housing targeting transition-aged youth, Citi stepped up to the plate at a critical time and provided financing for a difficult to develop project during the height of the economic downturn."

— Dean Matsubayashi, Executive Director, Little Tokyo Service Center, a Community Development Corporation

"We are grateful for our friends at Citi, whose creative financing combined with our shared community vision to create a project that has truly transformed the Barrio community of San Diego."

— James J. Schmid, Founder / CEO Chelsea Investment Corporation

"Without a lender like Citi, many affordable housing developments would not receive the financial support they need, leaving families and seniors stranded. This is another example of Citi's excellent use of their wide array of lending services specifically developed for affordable housing."

— Robert Emami, CEO of ROEM Development

"With the vision and financial investment of our partners at Citi Community Capital, we have been able to restore the once neglected Warburton Lofts to provide affordable housing and necessary community services for downtown residents. We are proud to work with Citi to create an important component of the revitalization of Yonkers."

— Ron Moelis, CEO and co-founder of L+M Development Partners

"Three years ago, we were faced with difficult development challenges. Thanks to the commitment, hard work, and investment of Citi Community Capital, we are now welcoming families back home to Northpark at Scott Carver."

— Vincent Bennett, COO of McCormack Baron Salazar

"Carlisle's partnership with Citi and Miami-Dade Transit helped provide residents with state-of-the-art affordable housing that reduces impact on the environment. This project will serve as a model for other communities with similar challenges."

— Matthew Greer, CEO of Carlisle Development Group