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Institutional Investor article on Citi Transaction Services -- Citi's "Processing Powerhouse" -- with intro message from Citi Transaction Services CEO

In its June 2009 issue, Institutional Investor takes an in-depth look at Global Transaction Services. Calling it a "processing powerhouse," the article provides an overview of Citi Transaction Services and reports on the important role the business plays for both its clients and Citi.

The article also reinforces GTS' continued commitment to the investments and solutions clients need today to support their top-line and bottom-line goals — helping to both increase efficiency and grow revenues.

We thought you'd like to read this informative piece on Citi's Citi Transaction Services business. Click on the video link above to view an introductory message from Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi, CEO of Citi's Global Transaction Services, who shares his thoughts on how, in today's challenging environment, Citi Transaction Services is working as a catalyst of change for its corporate, financial institution and public sector clients — and focusing on their continued success.

You can also click on the image below to read and download the complete Institutional Investor article.

If you'd like more information about points discussed in the article, or have any questions regarding Citi's solutions and services, please contact your Citi Transaction Services client manager or click here to send us an e-mail.