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Citibank® Commercial Cards combines traditional corporate travel and purchasing card programs with the most advanced technology and data reporting tools available. Whether your needs are local or global, Citibank has a solution to meet your organization’s needs – providing the details and the systems you need to improve your financial processes … and your bottom line.

Card Solutions

  • Citibank® Purchasing Card: Simplified procurement and payment processes for a wide range of goods and services – from office supplies to professional services and everything in between
  • Citibank® Corporate Card: Effective and efficient travel expense management, with valuable benefits for your company and cardholders
  • Citibank® One Card: Combined functionality of two or more Citibank Commercial Cards products simplifies expense management
  • Citibank® Fleet Card: Convenient payment and tracking of fuel, repair and maintenance expenses for commercial vehicles
Online Program Management and Reporting Tools Plus, we are always introducing new capabilities to enhance your programs. Features such as declining balance and an integrated phone card solution, as well as an event spending management solution that can be added to your Citbank® Purchasing Card, Citibank® Corporate Card or Citibank® One Card program.