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Transportation Management in the Federal Government
| Best Practices Report: 2012
Since our first edition in May 1974,
has provided U.S.-based logistics practitioners
with accurate, timely and actionable news and analysis. The company is widely recognized as the voice
of the international transportation community.
In 2008
American Shipper
launched its first formal, independent research initiative focused on the state
of transportation management systems in the logistics service provider market. Since that time the
company has published more than a dozen reports on subjects ranging from regulatory compliance to
American Shipper
research initiatives typically address international or global supply chain issues from a
U.S.-centric point of view. The research will be most relevant to those readers managing large volumes of
airfreight, containerized ocean and domestic intermodal freight.
American Shipper
readers are tasked with
managing large volumes of freight moving into and out of the country so the research scope reflects
those interests.
American Shipper
benchmark studies are based upon responses from a pool of approximately 30,000
readers accessible by e-mail invitation. Generally each benchmarking project is based on 200-500
qualified responses to a 25-35 question survey depending on the nature and complexity of the topic.
American Shipper
reports compare readers from key market segments defined by industry vertical,
company size, and other variables, in an effort to call out trends and ultimate best practices. Segments
created for comparisons always consist of more than 50 responses to keep the potential margin of error
to a minimum.
American Shipper’s
complete library of research is available on our Website:
Annual studies include:
• Environmental Sustainability
• Export Compliance
• Import Compliance
• International Transportation Management
• Transportation Invoice Payment
• Transportation Procurement
Jim Blaeser
American Shipper
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American Shipper
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