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Investor Record Keeping

To handle the outsourcing requirements of our clients, Citi has a well-honed administrative system, which includes a paperless office via high-end imaging technology. Over the years, we have made significant investments in technology, business processes and methodologies to ensure that we attain the high quality and high efficiencies needed to bring you added value.

Our administrative system is at the heart of our investor record-keeping structure. All transactions are recorded and processed here, and all historical data for client accounts is stored here as well.

Whatever the product type – be it a cash account or estate administration – you can rely on Citi’s commitment to quality. We know how important quality is to ensuring the ongoing satisfaction of your customers, and we have assembled a group of individuals whose sole responsibility is to ensure that Citi meets the high-quality standards we’ve set out to deliver. This team also oversees quality control in meeting the demands of government regulations and legislative compliance.

Our range of services includes:

  • Timely and accurate processing of financial and non-financial data
  • Review of account and settlement documentation
  • Processing of group purchase plans
  • T2033 transfer tracking
  • Imaging of documentation delivered in support of transactions
  • Reviewing of registered plan legislation to ensure compliance with federal and provincial rules
  • Full RESP/RIF/LIRA administration services as agent for the plan promoter