Account Management

With TreasuryVision® Account Management module, users can initiate account-opening requests, create accounts, as well as maintain existing ones. Existing accounts, as well as account opening requests, are accessible via comprehensive search functionality that allows users to search and access detailed information for all accounts.

TreasuryVision account management workflow is configurable and can be customized based on client needs. Account Creation workflow passes through multiple levels of approvals before an account can be created.

Account information is maintained in a central database allowing users to create analytics and reports around your account information on an enterprise-wide basis.


  • Facilitate internal bank account requests, approvals and maintenance directly through the TreasuryVision portal
  • Customizable workflow for account opening, closing and amendment requests
  • Track all outstanding account requests
  • Manage internal and external account contacts with an integrated contact
  • Management module including features such as "search and replace"
  • Control global accounts with detailed audit trails and flexible entitlements