TreasuryVision® provides comprehensive financial analytics to turn aggregated account data for cash and investments into useful information. Flexible sort options allow clients to create customized views and drill down to specific information details. Clients can view their cash position at a global, regional, or local level; by geography, business unit, or legal entity; on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

TreasuryVision allows clients to make side-by-side comparisons of multiple data views, from any sector or level of their global network, and across multiple currency values. Through the use of filters, clients can create customized views into information that is meaningful to a user's specific function. Clients can easily save preferred or frequently used data queries to create reusable "channels" and generate automatic reports. To share information within the client's organization, TreasuryVision allows users to export customized reports into Microsoft® Word and Excel or Adobe® PDF files and easily integrate analysis and forecasts into e-mail communications.