Cash Flow Forecasting

TreasuryVision® Cash Flow Forecasting module is a powerful and flexible tool providing users the ability to create a holistic forecast including data from banks, internal forecast and systems, e.g., ERP, TMS. Using customizable forecast templates, users can create short, medium and long-term forecasts and perform actual versus forecast comparisons.

Cash forecasting analytics enables users to analyze all of their legal entity cash forecasts in a single, aggregated view across a variety of available parameters. Forecasts are customizable to suit a wide variety of forecasting needs. The forecasts can be entered at the day, week and month levels and can be prepared for up to 12 months or more.

Customizable analytics provide visibility into forecasted currency exposure in a selected currency or currencies. Forecast timing capabilities help users determine if forecast information is received by designated cutoff times holding entities accountable for submitting forecasts in a timely manner.


  • Real-time consolidation of standardized forecast data from disparate sources
  • Organization-wide management of cash and liquidity across regions, business, legal entities, financial institutions and currencies
  • Customizable templates for collecting, consolidating and analyzing forecast data
  • File import capability for quick, automated entry of forecast data
  • Robust analytic tools
  • Diverse data categorization and reporting