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Important Notices

Important note to Citibank Credit Cardmembers who have replaced their Citibank Credit Cards and are unable to sign on to Citibank Online

If your Credit Card has been replaced, you may get an error that says 'We are experiencing temporary delays' when you try to sign on to Citibank Online. In order to sign on to Citibank Online, please register with a new User Name and Password. Please note, you will first need to activate your Credit Card and create the ATM Cash Personal Identification Number by calling our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking Service on +971 4 311 4000.

Important note to Citibank Customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

As AADC (Al Ain Distribution Company) and ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) have changed their Account Numbers, we would like to inform you that on 13 July 2007 we will be deleting the payees that you have added on Citibank Online for these companies. To continue paying your utility bills on Citibank Online, please add the payee once again with the new account number that has been issued by AADC/ADDC.

Please see a sample bill below with the new account number.

For help on setting up a new payee on Citibank Online, please click here.