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Working in Citibank is challenging and fulfilling.

With so many changes occurring within the banking industry, bank employees are continually being exposed to new products, services and technology. While you may be most familiar with the tellers and customer service representatives at your bank, there are many other employees who work in key areas of Citibank. For example:

Customer Banking - delivers financial services to individual customers
Commercial Banking - delivers financial services to business and other organizations
Investment Banking - manages money for others
Public Relations / Marketing - conducts research on bank services and promotes them through advertising
Human Resources Administration - manages employees placement, salaries, benefits and training and development
Bank Administration / Accounting - handles the banks internal operations
Operations / Technology - provides record keeping, book keeping and information processing support

All banks employees serve customers. Some tellers, customer services representatives, account executives and consumer and commercial lending officers have personal contact with customers. Others work behind the scenes to support and assist front-line bankers. Customer satisfaction is our employees' primary responsibility.

Salaries in Citibank are attractive and competitive with other banks and industries. Your own salary will depend on educational background and previous work experience. You can expect your salary to grow as your responsibilities with the bank grow.