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Citi Private Bank’s parent company, Citi, is a leading global financial services company that serves 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 140 countries. Through its two operating units, Citicorp and Citi Holdings, Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage and wealth management.

Commitment to Clients
As a Citi client, you benefit significantly from the strength of our balance sheet and ability to deliver top-tier service even during difficult times. We are a strong institution, pursuing a well-crafted stategy that puts our clients first. These are some of the key reasons why some of the largest institutions continue to do business with us.

- Clients with a minimum net worth of US $25 million
- Inherited wealth, Entrepreneurs and Senior Corporate Executives (C-Suite)
- 25,000 clients globally, including one-third of the Forbes’ list of billionaires
- Approximately 1,000 Client Relationships in the Middle East

- Citi operates in six continents; 140 countries; 128 currencies; with approximately 200 million customer accounts
- Citi Private Banking (CPB) has over 3,000 employees globally with about 700 in EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) including approximately 200 Private Bankers and Investment Specialists.
- CPB Offices serving EMEA: Abu Dhabi, Athens, Bahrain, Dubai, Geneva, Jersey, Kuwait, London, Madrid, Monaco, Tel Aviv, Valencia, Zurich
- Citi has operated since 1812 and has had a presence in the Middle East for over 50 years working in 10 Arab countries.

We are trusted advisor offering objective advice in wealth structuring based on industry-leading research and investment insights from Citi Investment Research & Analysis (CIRA). We offer an unmatched product platform, leveraging the spectrum of products and services from all the Citi businesses.

- Coupled with “open architecture”, an institutionalized process to access “best-in-class” products from the other providers
- includes the soft aspects of wealth management – trust & estate planning; family advisory; philanthropic service; art advisory

Clients have access to innovative and customized opportunitites in private equity, hedge funds, real estate, managed futures and structured products that are not available to retail or mass affluent customers. In some cases, participating through a co-investment arrangement with Citi.

Our clients enjoy access to expertise and industry-leading research and analysis through Citi’s unmatched capabilities and global network.

CIRA is an industry leader in provision of market sector and company research with more than 250 analysts covering over 2,600 stocks and almost 110 corporate bond issuers located in more than 60 countries.

Based on surveys done by Institutional Investor magazine, CIRA’s research is ranked #1 in Asia, #3 in Europe and #4 in Japan in 2009.

The Private Bank has a much smaller client-to-banker ratio (average 20-30 clients per banker) compared to retail and mass affluent banking.

Team-based approach: Private Bankers are complemented with a team of financial experts including an investment finance specialist, a trust and estate planner, an investment counselor, a portfolio strategist, a capital markets specialist, succession planning advisor, among others.


As a modern private bank, we emphasize performance, value-added advice, global capabilities, and privacy and confidentiality, which are the driving business propositions. Our aim is to be the client’s “global trusted advisor”.

- “Discretionary model” where the bankers assist clients in putting together a portfolio designed to the clients’ risk-return profile

- “Consultative discretionary” where there is dialogue and consensus between the client and banker in the investment choices

- “Advisory approach” where clients are hands-on-they are in constant contact with specialists on the dealing floor to take advantage of trading opportunities instantly

Suitability: Clients are profiled by their risk-return appetite and recommended appropriate products and opportunities from various asset classes – cash and equivalents; fixed income securities; equities; hedge funds and illiquid investments such as real estate and private equity.

Investment strategies for client asset allocations range from portfolio levels 1-5, with 1 involving minimal risk and 5 involving higher risk. Portfolio levels 1-3 are designed for investors with a 3-to5-year investment horizon who are seeking to maintain purchasing power, preserve capital, meet income needs and achieve consistent real growth of wealth. Portfolio levels 3-5 are designed for investors are a 5- to 10-year investment horizon who have a greater desire for real growth of wealth, and are willing to forego income needs and withstand more volatility in order to capture greater potential wealth enhancement.

Whole Net Worth Asset Allocation Methodology – A proprietary model that provides optimized allocation recommendations and includes virtually all asset classes available to sophisticated investors. Whole Net Worth assesses a portfolio’s underlying risk by more accurately gauging the volatility in illiquid assets.

The Relationship Report – Sophisticated reporting techniques allow clients to view individual accounts or consolidated summaries of banking, brokerage, credit, custody and other investment accounts with the Private Bank.

Our Capabilities
Investment Offerings
Managed Investments
- Capital Markets
- Alternative Investments
- Custody Services

Investment Finance
Tailored Lending
- Commercial and Residential

Real Estate Financing
- Real Estate Investment Advisory

Liquidity and Banking
- Banking
- Cash Management
- Multi-Currency Accounts
- Consolidated Reporting

Advisory Services
- Family Advisory Practice
- Trust & Estate Planning Services
- Art Advisory Service
- Philanthropic Advisory Service
- Wealth Structuring


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