Citi has maintained a presence in Portugal since 1979 through a representation office and obtained its Banking license in 1985.


Citi in Portugal covers the Institutional Clients Group business with an office in Lisbon. Citi's Institutional Clients Group builds enduring relationships with clients by providing a full suite of strategic advisory and financing products to multinational and local corporations, financial and public sector institutions, governments and international investors.

Capital Markets Origination
Capital Markets Origination is focused on the capital-raising needs of our institutional clients, from inaugural issuances and exchanges to cross-border transactions and first-of-their-kind landmark structures.

Corporate and Investment Banking
Corporate and Investment Banking provides a comprehensive relationship coverage team to ensure the best possible service and responsiveness to our clients. The team is composed of strategic coverage officers focused on mergers, acquisitions, equity and related financing solutions, and corporate bankers, in partnership with our capital markets specialists and with support from our global subsidiaries group. We deliver corporate banking and finance services to global, regional and local clients.

Markets and Securities Services
Markets and Securities Services includes a broad range of asset classes, currencies, sectors and products: equities, commodities, credit, futures, foreign exchange (FX), emerging markets, G10 rates, municipals, prime finance and securitized markets.

Our Direct Custody and Clearing businesses provide customized solutions that support the diverse investment and transaction strategies of investors and intermediaries in the local securities market.

Treasury and Trade Solutions
Treasury and Trade Solutions delivers innovative and tailored solutions to its clients including payments, receivables, liquidity management and investment services, working capital solutions, commercial card programs, and trade finance.

On January 1, 2016, Citibank International Plc moved its head office from the United Kingdom to Ireland following the EU Cross-Border Merger, merging Citibank International Plc Limited into Citibank Europe Plc represented in Portugal by our branch, Citibank Europe Plc – Sucursal em Portugal.

This resulted in a more streamlined bank operating with a branch network in 21 countries across Europe with a single point of entry for banking and other products and services, while simplifying our legal entity structure and reducing complexity.

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