With a presence in Uganda since 1999, Citibank Uganda Limited (CUL) is arguably the most innovative corporate bank in Uganda, a quality that is highly valued by our clients. Our corporate banking business is one of the largest in the country, serving over 250 clients, active in diverse sectors of the economy.

Citibank Uganda Limited operates out of its Head Office at No. 4 Ternan Avenue, Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda. Citibank has had a significant involvement in Uganda for many years in areas such as correspondent banking, trade finance and corporate finance, initially through our Non-Presence Countries (NPC) business, until when the branch was opened in 1999.


Key products offered by Citibank Uganda include trade finance, foreign exchange spots, options and forwards, intermediation of foreign direct and portfolio investments, cash management, corporate finance and treasury services. CUL is a market leader in the provision of these solutions to clients in Uganda. Citibank Uganda Limited is reputed to be the most efficient bank in Uganda in terms of its operational capacity and is the bank of choice for non-clearing financial institutions active in the Ugandan Banking Industry. Citibank Uganda has consistently been one of the largest tax payers in Uganda.

Citibank Uganda is one of the most capitalised banks in Uganda, and is a trusted partner for most global corporations with operations in the country. Our award winning Citidirect system is the pre-eminent electronic payment platform in the market, and our Treasury team is reputed for its innovation and global leverage.

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To visit the Citi Uganda website click: http://www.citibank.com/eastafrica/uganda

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