Mexico City Mural

Citi worked with artists with disabilities in Hong Kong, London, Mexico City and New York City to paint murals of Team Citi athletes and their sports. The murals celebrate the athletes' achievements, encourage the public to #StareAtGreatness and help to change the perception of people with disabilities.

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About the Artist

This mural was a collaboration from the skills of two separate artists: Juan Honorio, an artist from the Escuela Mexicana De Arte Down and Totoi Semena an urban Mexican artist. Juan is a 29-year old pictorical artist from Mexico City. His work is characterized using bright, cheerful and contrasting colors, which gives his paintings the sensation of movement. Totoi is a Mexican graphic designer, muralist and illustrator. During his childhood, Japanese cartoons occupied an important place in his life to influence his visual and artistic style.

About the Mexico City Mural

With a geometric and free style, Totoi and Juan have developed this artwork as a tribute to the effort and dedication of Team Citi Paralympians from Mexico, Lenia Ruvalcaba and Gustavo Sánchez.

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Access the audio transcript.
Access the audio transcript.