New York City Mural

Citi worked with artists with disabilities in Hong Kong, London, Mexico City and New York City to paint murals of Team Citi athletes and their sports. The murals celebrate the athletes' achievements, encourage the public to #StareAtGreatness and help to change the perception of people with disabilities.

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About the Artist

BD White (b.1983) entered the art scene by utilizing stencils to paint hundreds of streetlight bases throughout New York City despite using a wheelchair due to a spinal injury when he was 18. BD has since taken the stencil technique to unprecedented levels of complexity; utilizing over 200 stencil layers per painting. Follow his instagram @bdwhite or visit his website, to stay up to date with his work.

About the New York City Mural

In his fine artwork on canvas, BD is known for using repeating text in the background to help convey emotional feeling. For this mural, BD chose the phrase "Sunlight over me no matter what you do" as a poetic way of saying “you can't bring me down” and to complement Citi's #StareAtGreatness campaign. BD chose to depict the athletes in a loose dry brush painterly style to show their motion. This style helps display their movement as if they are moving so quickly, they are almost blurry yet still in focus. The mural depicts Team Citi athletes Scout Bassett (Para Athletics), Brad Snyder (Paratriathlon), Nicky Nieves (Sitting Volleyball), Trevon Jenifer (Wheelchair Basketball)

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