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Citibanamex branches in tax offices improve customer service and lower costs

The Government of Mexico City (GDF) is the country's largest and most important administrative region, and is home to more than 11 million people

The challenge

The citizens of Mexico City make payments for their taxes, licenses and other services in more than 3,000 points of payment through bank branches, using the internet, retail outlets, and by direct debit or credit cards. Despite a series of innovations in recent years, the government is constantly seeking new ways to develop and broaden its collection channels in order to enhance its customer service and improve the convenience of tax payments for citizens.

The solution

Citibanamex worked in collaboration with the Government of Mexico City to finance the remodeling and reequipping of three out of the twenty six tax offices, under a pay in advance renting model that allows Citibanamex to operate a branch within each office for a period of approximately ten years.

The remodeling of the tax offices includes process reengineering and advances in client services management – using state-of the-art IT equipment and system management technology – that improve service for citizens. In addition, as the Government of Mexico City no longer has to provide collection services it can focus on improving customer satisfaction while Citi-Banamex concentrates on increasing collections for the government.

The result

An initial agreement with Citibanamex established three branches within tax offices with the highest transaction volumes. This tailor-made solution meets the needs of the government by financing the remodeling of its tax offices and by lowering collection costs. Collections have increased by 26% in a year: From 1.7 million to 2.1 million transactions.

The solution has benefitted citizens by improving customer service as well as providing them with an opportunity to access a full range of banking services.

Following the project's success, further Citibanamex branches will be installed in Mexico City's tax offices.