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Chicago's Office of the City Treasurer improves investment tracking

Treasury Analytics makes management of $6 billion of investments on behalf of the city less complex

The challenge

Chicago's Office of the City Treasurer manages $6 billion of investments on behalf of the city. The portfolio is highly complex, with hundreds of different accounts spread across several municipal custodians.

The task of managing, monitoring and reporting on this network of assets was until recently a convoluted and time-consuming manual process. In addition to accurate accounting, the Treasurer's Office has the responsibility of ensuring compliance with risk and return objectives while earning the highest returns possible for the city.

The solution

The department decided to implement Citi's Treasury Analytics system. This web-based custody and corporate cash solution seamlessly aggregates portfolio information in four essential areas: accounting, compliance, risk and performance.

The result

Reports can now be generated in minutes instead of hours, making executive reporting infinitely easier and offering a transparent overview of city finances. Citi's Treasury Analytics system has proved a cost-effective solution that frees up time and resources.