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Streamlined procurement for more than 3,000 HKSAR employees

Hong Kong purchasing card solution enhances spending management and widens source of supply

The challenge

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) sought two service providers to issue purchasing cards to more than 3,000 Government employees in various bureaus and departments.

The service contract also required the winning bank to act as the merchant acquiring bank for its suppliers to provide cardholders with a wide range of merchants. By using purchasing cards, the Government of HKSAR could achieve the benefits of a streamlined procurement and payment process for low-value purchases.

The solution

Citi, in a collaborative effort between its Global Transaction Services and Global Consumer Group, proposed a Visa-branded purchasing card solution. The program offers highly customized reports from Citibank Custom Reporting System to facilitate data management.

The tools provide the Government of HKSAR with access to the most comprehensive and flexible real-time information available. By leveraging such information, the Government of HKSAR can analyze purchasing patterns quickly, effectively, and accurately, resulting in appropriate decisions and enhanced spending management.

The solution met the demands of the Government of HKSAR's bureau and department structure. Citi's solution also included a merchant acquiring program with attractive promotions for the Government of HKSAR's nominated suppliers. A website was created to provide the Government employees with access to detailed merchant information.

The result

The solution was implemented in less than three months after an intensive process of recruiting merchants, fulfilling compliance requirements, and establishing a merchant customer service support and contingency system. The customized solution was implemented successfully to meet the Government of HKSAR's objectives to widen the source of supply at various merchants across Hong Kong.