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Photo image technology boosts passport office processing

US Department of State eliminates unnecessary processes, increasing workload efficiency

    The challenge

    Ever increasing demand for passports from US citizens requires continuing improvements in control, efficiency and quality in the passport application process. Citi has worked with the US Department of State (DoS) since 2006 to help transform its service and numerous advances have been made, such as the introduction of Citibank Lockbox Services – a high-speed image-based processing environment for new applications.

    The DoS wanted to eradicate a key area of duplicated effort. Each passport application was being scanned twice, at different locations and for different reasons, first by Citi and then by the DoS Passport Office.

    The solution

    To eliminate the unnecessary and costly need to double-scan, Citi created a new process where it performed the initial scanning and then DoS teams were able to pull images from a Citi server. The DoS is now able to transmit these images quickly and simply in color, allowing both photos and data files to be efficiently shared.

    The result

    By removing an unnecessary step in the passport application process, the DoS has substantially increased its workload efficiency and is well placed to meet forecast demand for passports. Working with Citi, the DoS is already planning the next generation of process improvements.