PayPass makes shopping in Poland easier

Citi Handlowy begins issuing Citibank credit cards with both MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave technology


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Shoppers in Polish stores can now make cashless payments in a matter of seconds after Citi Handlowy began issuing Citibank Credit Cards with both MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave technology.

Users can now make payments of PLN50 or below simply by passing the card near a special reader. Neither a signature nor a PIN number is required.

However, to ensure maximum security, payments of more than PLN50 will require verification by a PIN or signature.

PayPass cards are accepted in 20,000 Polish stores including popular brands like Empik, Ikea, Rossman, McDonald’s, Matras bookstores and Shell petrol stations.

“Our clients like PayPass payments,” said Karol Wasilewski, Head of Product Offer Management and Development. “There are no doubts that the Citibank PayPass Credit Cards will become exceptionally popular.”

There are already 150,000 card users and this number is set to grow even more as cards become quicker to obtain. Citi Handlowy is the only bank able to issue a card and PIN immediately during a customer’s branch visit, often within 45 minutes.

All new Citi Handlowy credit cards will now be equipped with the new technology.