Best practice essential for public sector efficiency

Tight budgets and higher demand for services mean operational efficiency is vital


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Drawing on over a century of working with public sector organizations around the world, Citi has developed a rich set of best practice principles for developing and implementing customized solutions to support the complex needs of public sector clients.

Challenges for state and local governments have increased with the economic downturn. With budgets falling and the demand for services rising, operational efficiency is vital if these organizations are to cut costs without compromising service quality.

Citi's integrated solutions, from electronic payments to data analytics, have been instrumental in helping public sector clients find a holistic solution to bridge the revenue-expenditure gap.

Benefit payments are a key area in which forward-thinking governments can improve efficiency. Electronic distribution of unemployment, disability and other benefits including pensions can save significant amounts and further green targets. Solutions such as prepaid cards have proven popular with claimants and can even help promote financial inclusion.

Efficient collection of tax revenue is vital in straitened financial circumstances. Both governments and citizens will appreciate a simple, easy and convenient way of making payments. Citi has partnered with the State of California among others to implement secure electronic systems through which returns and payments can easily be submitted, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The supplier-client relationship can also be strengthened. Suppliers, many of them small to medium enterprises, are always keen to be paid as quickly as possible for their services. By providing supply chain financing services, Citi helps governments pay their suppliers efficiently, and improves the health of these businesses' cash flow.

Transparency is a key characteristic of effective, democratic government. Citi helps government entities manage and use the data available to them in ways that facilitate reporting and effective decision-making. This allows governments to position themselves for the future while demonstrating accountability to their citizens.

In addition, Citi's expertise in the management of pooled funds can help governments leverage their short-term cash availability to maximum effect. Government pooled funds with several thousand participants can be implemented and managed in a way that reduces cost and facilitates efficient operation.