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Top research university turns to electronic delivery

Solution provides university with administrative efficiencies and secure access to cash for grant recipients

The challenge

This client is one of the largest research universities in the US, dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars in grant money every year. Its Health System comprises three hospitals, 40 health centers, 120 outpatient clinics and a Medical School.

To increase security and control, the University sought to automate all its payments to individual grant recipients and others taking part in its many research programs.

The ultimate aim was to remove all cash, paper checks and gift cards. Payments had to be delivered across all areas of study using a single central tool.

The solution

Working with the University, Citi Prepaid Services saw an opportunity to use prepaid cards instead of cash.

The comprehensive new solution allows the University to shift quickly from cash and checks to electronic delivery. All types of workflow are accommodated, including distribution of cards, the payment of participants at time of study, and the delivery of virtual payments to participants in online programs.

The result

The solution has delivered significant administrative efficiencies and cost savings for the University. It provides inexpensive and secure access to cash for the ultimate recipients of grant money. The fraud risks associated with paper checks, petty cash accounts and other manual payments have been eliminated.

In addition, Citi's reloadable prepaid cards have helped the University meet its environmental commitments by reducing its carbon footprint and paper usage.