Education enables citizens to
succeed in a competitive world.
For cities, the benefits of
education are its ability to nurture
and attract people who can drive
economic prosperity.

From primary schools and universities to life-long learning, high quality city education is crucial. Fair access to education is equally important.

City leaders must create education systems that meet citizens’ aspirations despite tight education budgets. They must ensure adequate education funding and efficient administration of teachers’ pension funds while delivering value-for-money quality education.

Cities need to control education costs and reduce paperwork linked to fee billing and loan management. Technology facilitates swift identity management and fee processing. It also improves the efficiency of on-campus fee collection, for libraries and facilities, and enhances campus security.

Citi for Cities spotlights inventive but realistic global best practices. From cashless campuses to technology that lower costs, city leaders can access tools to enable successful city education.

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Citi is helping school systems and universities deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, universally accessible education.
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Harvard University streamlines global payments and reconciliation

WorldLink solution eliminates multiple local accounts while centralized, web-based application provides flexibility, oversight and control...
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Chicago's Urban Prep Academies to Expand Project GOLD and Improve Graduates' College Experience

Support from Citi Community Development will broaden availability of career guidance, academic support, resource counseling, emotional and social support...
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