Energy & Utilities

Energy and utilities are essential
to city life. Reliable energy, access
to clean water, and effective waste
management are central for citizens’
wellbeing and businesses’
ability to grow.

Governments must have strategies in secure energy sources and meet utility needs as populations increase. They must also ensure utility projects are sustainable.

Investment in renewable energy and strategic planning to protect natural resources takes time. However, technology can improve energy efficiency now: smart metering and billing conserve energy, lower citizens’ bills and improve convenience.

By following global best practices, city leaders can secure critical investment and improve the accessibility of alternative renewable energy and utility services for citizens and businesses while lowering cities’ administration costs.

Citi for Cities showcases proven, dependable solutions to help cities meet funding and efficiency challenges, enabling them to meet citizens and businesses’ expectations and lay the foundations for future economic prosperity.

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    Citi helps city governments meet the growing demand for energy, water, and utility services.
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    City of Indianapolis frees up $1.5 billion

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