Citi Colombia hosts Leadership Board on Energy Issues

Citi Industry Leadership Board aims to identify industry needs and prospects


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In April this year, Citi Colombia hosted an assembly of industry-leading oil companies for the first Citi Industry Leadership Board: Energy Issues.

The objective of the event, which will also be held in Brazil and Peru, was to jointly identify industry needs and prospects related to transactional banking and innovation strategies, while taking into account the industry's accelerated growth path in the country.

"Colombia is in immediate need of new product development in various sectors," said Bernardo Noreña, Citi Country Officer for Colombia. "That is why we are focused on identifying innovative solutions for our customers."

"Oil-sector growth carries with it the need to optimize transactional processes, and we offer technological solutions that benefit the whole value chain," said Catalina Herrera, Head of Citi Colombia's Global Transaction Services (GTS).

Citi's senior regional executives in transactional banking, including Fernando Málaga, Channel Finance regional head for GTS, took part in the Leadership Board to guide workshops and discussions, as well as provide support to the expert consultants present.

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