About Us

Our Mission

Citi is committed to enabling urban progress and supporting cities in order to strengthen communities, optimize efficiency and enhance livability in cities worldwide.

    Cities around the globe face unprecedented population growth, which creates significant strains and challenges as well as opportunities to solve problems and make cities more livable. Through Citi for Cities, we partner with governments, businesses, and citizens to identify and implement innovative solutions that drive efficiencies, enhance quality of life, and ultimately support the growth of cities around the world. Cities are not just in our name – they are in our DNA. With our footprint in the leading cities around the world, our extensive issue expertise, our capabilities, and years of experience in local markets, Citi is uniquely positioned to contribute to the solutions that enable progress in cities.

    If cities seek to upgrade their transportation systems, utilities, healthcare networks and more, we can help them through advisory and finance.

    If cities seek to enhance their treasury management, leverage their spending power, or streamline their operations, we can help them through efficiency optimization.

    If cities seek to replace paper-based or cash-based systems with online or mobile channels, or use mobile technology to deliver information and payment services, we offer digitization of services.

    Through our deep experience, expertise and capabilities, Citi is equipped to help cities to manage their growth and find solutions to a range of urban challenges.