Urban Ecosystems

Urban ecosystems shape communities and power economic prosperity. City budgets are under pressure but by embracing transformation and using innovative technology and financial tools, governments can support growth and enhance citizens’ quality of life.

Ports of Entry

New technologies can improve convenience and reliability at airports, seaports and customs posts, lowering costs and boosting economic prosperity and global competitiveness.
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City Administration

By simplifying financial processes, cities can improve efficiency and services to meet rising demands and support the city economy.
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& Development

Fresh financial thinking can secure resources for regeneration and overcome strained budgets to improve citizens’ lives and create economic growth.
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Social Services

New technologies and financial tools can deliver convenience, accessibility and cost-efficiency to bind communities together and aid social mobility.
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By embracing smart healthcare IT and finance, high quality accessible healthcare can be delivered cost-effectively.
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Innovative technology and funding can facilitate top quality, value-for-money education, enabling cities to meet citizens’ aspirations, remain globally competitive and attract talent.
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Energy & Utilities

Technology can improve energy efficiency while global best practices can overcome funding challenges and enable cities’ needs to be met sustainably.
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Roads & Transit

Intelligent technology can deliver better services at lower cost, and innovative financing can enable critical transport developments.
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Public Safety

Technology and financial innovation can deliver efficient solutions for law enforcement, emergency preparedness and defense and ensure safe communities.
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