Access to healthcare is essential
for citizens’ wellbeing. It also helps
determines a city’s ability to
attract talent.

Cities must enable effective healthcare by ensuring infrastructure is up-to-date. They must facilitate affordable healthcare by delivering the best available patient care.

City leaders must focus on reducing healthcare costs and non-value added processes such as paperwork and free-up medical personnel to improve patient outcomes.

Government must embrace innovative healthcare IT and financial thinking. Efficient medical billing systems – to recover costs from patients, insurance companies and government bodies – releases funds to re-invest in healthcare. Integrated identity, record management, insurance and payment systems ensure better-connected and safer healthcare.

Relatively small investments can provide support for citizens so they make healthy choices and reduce long-term costs.

Citi for Cities offers insights on healthcare management best practices and highlights practical healthcare solutions that deliver better results for patients and lower costs for governments.

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Citi is helping governments and businesses promote health and make care delivery more efficient.
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