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Online payments and prepaid cards improve efficiency, visibility and control

Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) is a statutory body responsible for developing and promoting Abu Dhabi's tourism industry.

    The challenge

    As part of TCA Abu Dhabi's work to promote Abu Dhabi's tourism industry, it operates international offices in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, China and Australia and hosts and participates in numerous roadshows and conferences around the world. As a result, TCA Abu Dhabi often needs to pay overseas vendors. Domestically, TCA Abu Dhabi also makes local supplier payments and has payroll requirements.

    TCA Abu Dhabi's existing payment process was manual and time consuming. When signatories were not available for manual authorisation, payment processing was delayed. Moreover, reconciliation required a line-by-line manual analysis of paper bank statements. In addition, the administration of petty cash – which employees needed when on overseas visits – was burdensome for both the finance department and employees creating unnecessary risk.

    The solution

    Citi proposed that TCA Abu Dhabi use its online banking tool CitiDirect. This was subsequently integrated with TCA Abu Dhabi's SAP system to enable full automation for both domestic and international payments. To facilitate automatic reconciliation, SWIFT MT940 messages are uploaded automatically to SAP.

    Most recently, Citi has issued prepaid cards to replace petty cash for TCA Abu Dhabi's employees that travel domestically and abroad for conventions and exhibitions. Prepaid cards give TCA Abu Dhabi flexibility because it can load cards online at short notice to meet the urgent requirements of travelling employees.

    The result

    The implementation of Citi's solutions has led to an increase in TCA Abu Dhabi's payment processing efficiency. Its visibility and control of the payment process, from making payments instructions to reconciliation, has been strengthened. The solution saves time, lowers costs and enhances risk management. The replacement of petty cash with prepaid cards will further reduce costs and risk. It will also improve convenience for employees, who will no longer have to locate signatories for a check or spend time at a bank withdrawing cash.