Ports of Entry

Ports of entry such as airports,
seaports and customs posts connect
cities with the world. They are
crucial to trade growth, economic
prosperity, communications and
tourism. Airport development plays
an important role in showcasing
a successful city.

Governments must ensure that their ports of entry remain competitive so they can attract investment in trade. To offer convenient and reliable services, port management must be streamlined, with straightforward port tax and trade processing.

New technologies such as electronic document handling can lower costs and improve control of documentation processing and identity verification associated with tax collection and refunds, and shipping and customs. They can reduce error rates and improve tracking. Investment in airport systems yields similar benefits.

Citi for Cities gives city leaders access to global best practices and highlights practical and dependable solutions to deliver world-class service in ports of entry that meets citizens’ and businesses’ needs.

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    Citi helps cities deliver world-class service in their ports of entry in order to further trade, tourism, and economic growth.
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