& Development

Regeneration and development
create dynamic cities that attract
industries, new citizens and tourists.
They improve citizens’ quality of
life and create economic growth,
jobs and prosperity.

Increasingly, economic development plans are the hallmark of ambitious cities. They can breathe new life into communities and enable them to compete internationally.

Urban development also offers a unique opportunity for cities to improve their environmental credentials and promote sustainable development.

Governments must find resources for infrastructure investment despite strained budgets. Cities must attract cultural and sporting events to boost their international profile and tourism. Many governments also need to invest in social housing to improve citizens’ quality of life.

Citi for Cities focuses on the urban regeneration experiences of cities worldwide. It profiles solutions that deliver cost-effective ways to stimulate city growth, develop responsive city planning, including affordable housing, and improve liveability for citizens.

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Citi helps cities develop local infrastructure — promoting growth, jobs and prosperity.
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