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Public Transport Payment Card improves convenience for users

Public Transport Authority of Lodz enhances functionality of standard transit card

The challenge

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne (MPK) is a public body that plans, organizes and supervises public transport in Lodz, second biggest city in Poland. MPK Lodz is responsible for over 400 buses, 500 trams, which offer convenient and on-time travel for 1 million inhabitants of Lodz. Last December MPK Lodz introduced for their clients new and innovative plastic transit card, which replaced previously used paper tickets. However having the convenience of their clients in mind, MPK wanted to provide users with transit card offering broader range of functionalities than standard transit card.

The solution

Citi proposed a co-branded Public Transport Payment Card for MPK Lodz, which combines features of a transit card (ticket uploading) and a payment card (debit card). The card decreases costs for MPK Lodz as plastic production and maintenance are Citi’s responsibility. Moreover, transport users that choose Citi card receive a 10% discount on selected long-term tickets (funded by Citi). The card is also practical for users – reducing the number of cards they need to carry – and makes using public transport straightforward.

The result

The launch of the Citi and MPK Lodz co-branded Public Transport Payment Card in December 2011 received widespread positive media coverage. In the first 6 months, Citi issued around 1 thousand cards in Lodz. Along with cards launched by Citi in cooperation with four other major cities in Poland: Wrocław (May 2011), Gdańsk and Gdynia (both July 2011) and Warsaw (October 2010), Public Transport Payment Card launched in Lodz has proven itself to be a major success. Since the launch other capabilities have been added to these co-branded Public Transport Payment Cards such as parking meter payments in Warsaw, tickets to the city zoo in Wrocław or special discount program in Lodz