Social Services

Social services bind communities
together, aid social mobility,
and safeguard citizen’s welfare.
Governments’ role in delivering
human services is therefore crucial.

Social services must be convenient and accessible. They must also be efficient: reducing paperwork, administrative costs and error rates is a priority.

City leaders increasingly have broad social goals. How they make welfare payments can improve financial inclusiveness for the unbanked. Alternatively, they can promote energy efficiency or buy-local by directing spending with relevant offers.

City budgets are under pressure. Social services funding must be cost-effective. New technologies and financial tools help to meet this challenge and increase convenience and accessibility for citizens.

Electronification of identity documents and entitlement verification improves the efficiency of social security issuance, distribution, tracking and overall management of benefit payments.

Citi for Cities shows how cities tackle social services. It offers proven solutions to enhance benefit distribution efficiency and support citizens effectively.

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