of Services

Widening access to services is
crucial to create an inclusive city.
By adopting cutting-edge technologies,
governments can empower their
citizens and build a city where
individuals want to live and work.

Digital Services enable citizens to pay for city services anywhere, anytime using mobile phones or touch screen payment terminals.

Parking, congestion zone, bridge and tunnel tolls, and transit charges can be made easier for citizens to pay – and cheaper for cities to collect. Technology can also improve citizens' access to information, improving transport efficiency and reducing frustration.

Digitization enables secure identification and access control. It facilitates more efficient payments and collections for cities, hospitals and schools by streamlining processing. And integrated metering and billing manages resources and waste more sustainably.

Citi makes digitization of services straightforward so cities can focus on reducing administration costs, improving data security, and improving convenience for citizens and businesses.

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