CitiMortgage Military PCS Transfer Assistance Program
As part of our support of Active Duty military members, we are proud to offer the CitiMortgage Military Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Transfer Assistance Program through CitiMortgage.
We know the challenges that come with your service and dedication. We also know the challenges that come with the housing market downturn.
That's why we offer financial relief for military families dealing with transition by reducing eligible military borrowers' first mortgage or escrow payments for six months.
How the program works:
The program is available for Active Duty military members with CitiMortgage-owned first mortgages who have to relocate due to PCS orders. The program will reduce eligible military borrowers' first mortgage payments for six months. Monthly payments on non-escrowed loans will be reduced to $250. For escrowed loans, the monthly payment will be reduced to the escrow payment only.
  • Homeowners eligible for the program will be required to verify their PCS orders prior to enrollment.
  • Borrowers do not have to provide evidence of financial hardship to be enrolled, and the program applies to loans that are current or delinquent.
  • FHA, VA, Rural Development and Private Investor loans are not eligible and other restrictions may apply.

After the six months, if a customer needs longer-term assistance, Citi will offer personalized advice and review each borrower's specific needs for potential long-term solutions. For borrowers who are moving and no longer wish to own their homes, other options are available.
Contact Info: We want to help. Please call us at 1-866-272-4749.

"Our housing counselors speak daily with military service men and women, their spouses and veterans. Because our goal is to help them find solutions for stable housing, as part of the counseling process, we refer any CitiMortgage customer who has a military background directly to Citi's assistance programs. These programs give our nation's heroes some important options to achieve stable housing."