curriculum in espagnol

What are the steps in using the curriculum?
Download the curriculum PDFs on the download page, and read the Facilitator’s Guide Introduction for an overview. Then, use the table of contents and curriculum materials to become familiar with the subjects and activities. As you prepare to use the curriculum, get to know your audience and their needs by talking with participants. Then, choose and plan each class session ahead of time. Remember technical needs (such as overhead projectors) and supplies (such as handouts and pencils). For more detailed tips on working with audiences and presenting this curriculum, see the Facilitator's Guide Introduction.

For whom is the curriculum designed?
This curriculum is designed for audiences of all ages: students from kindergarten through high school and into college, and adults of all ages, including new residents of the U.S. It is also available in Spanish.

Facilitators do not need to have a background in financial education — just a willingness to plan ahead, learn about and work with participants, share information, answer questions, and seek answers when necessary.

How long will it take me to use the curriculum?

Each activity is designed for completion within approximately 50-60 minutes, although times will vary depending on the audience. The curriculum contains a variety of activities from which to choose. The activities may be used in part or in whole.

How flexible is the curriculum?
The curriculum is very flexible. The table of contents before the introduction and at the beginning of each section helps set out the curriculum. Each unit also presents the activities and their objectives in an "at-a-glance" way to help you pick and choose quickly. Additionally, you can easily choose to use activities or topics out of the order in which thay are presented, depending on your audience’s needs.