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Everyone likes to have money. But we don't always have money when we need it --- and, we don't always have the right amount that we need. By working through these activities, you will meet other teens much like yourself. You will help them make the right decisions to buy things they want. You will learn how other teens manage their money and make it grow.

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"How Do You Get Money?"
Participants have the opportunity to discuss and respond to six scenarios on responsible ways of earning money.
"How Do You Make Your Money Grow?"
Participants are introduced to the concepts of short-and long-term goals and how savings and investment plans help achieve those goals.
"Where Does Your Money Go?"
Participants are introduced to the concept of budgeting as a way to mange their money and achieve their goals.
"What Is the Cost of Cool?"
Participants understand the cost impact of trying to dress cool by purchasing clothing for four individuals while remaining within a budget.