Latin America

Glasswing provides educational and vocational opportunities, life skills development, financial capabilities training, and job-readiness training to low-income vulnerable youth in Central America and the Caribbean, all of which is complemented by a gender component aimed at promoting gender equality and overcoming gender stereotypes.
Global Fairness Initiative is leveraging technology to deliver jobs skills training to low-income youth in Argentina, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Brazil who also receive workforce-focused mentoring and employment coaching aimed at increasing their prospects for success.
In Peru, Laboratoria trains young women for work as web developers and designers and then places them in tech jobs, giving them economic freedom while also transforming the face of the Peruvian tech sector.
TechnoServe is providing existing entrepreneurs in Central America with training to improve their business models in order to achieve sustained business growth and create additional jobs for local youth.
Trust for the Americas is delivering employment training for jobs in the digital security sector to youth in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, and placing youth in entry-level tech jobs or internships at the completion of their training.

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