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The Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE) is helping set young people across the United States on the path to economic success through summer jobs. As part of their experience, participants receive financial education and access to safe and affordable financial tools to help create a platform for their financial future.
With the support of the Citi Foundation, Echoing Green has launched the Inclusive Leadership Initiative to expand their support of leaders that represent communities of color, with a particular emphasis on those who are creating employment opportunities for young men and women of color across the United States.
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) empowers young people in 10 cities across the United States to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and business startup skills necessary to make their own job and succeed in the modern workforce.
Rise Asset Development offers online and in-person skills training to marginalized youth in Canada with mental health and addiction challenges, giving them the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship as a path to meaningful employment.
Through the Youth Workforce Fund, the Citi Foundation supports nonprofit organizations across the United States to help them expand their programming and connect low-income youth to a range of employment opportunities specific to local contexts, including internships and apprenticeships.
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