Accelerating Pathways, commissioned by the Citi Foundation and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, is a global research initiative that offers an in-depth look at how 35 global cities support young people's economic ambitions.
This research initiative includes a city-level index and a survey of youth meant to spark dialogue around what approaches are working and what else is needed.

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Youth Economic Strategy Index

Methodology and key findings report that provides an in-depth look at how 35 cities around the globe are creating economic opportunity for young people.

  • Government Support & Institutional Framework for Youth
  • Employment & Entrepreneurship
  • Education & Training
  • Human & Social Capital
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Interactive Database Tool

Publicly available, comparative dataset that can be analyzed through various lenses: by city, by region and through specific metrics.

Database designed to help decision-makers, practitioners and scholars analyze the factors that contribute to creating an enabling economic environment for youth.

Due to compatibility issues, some of the tool's features may not be available.

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Global Youth Survey 2015

More than 5,000 young people aged 18-25 in 35 cities around the world were polled to find out what works for them.

Key findings show globally youths in cities are more optimistic, aspirational, mobile, technological and civically engaged.

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of today's youth expressed an interest in working for themselves or starting their own business


of today's youth have moved in the past 5 years for work, education, or a better life


of today's youth are optimistic about their economic futures

This research complements the Citi Foundation's
#Pathways2Progress initiative. To learn more:

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