Enabling Economic Progress for Young Women

We want a better future for women and girls, and we're committed to helping create a world where young women can reach their full potential.

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Pathways to Progress: 2020 Global Commitment


Citi and the Citi Foundation are focused on preparing today's young people—both young men and women—to be the most employable generation yet. Through Pathways to Progress, we are helping young people build skills, expand their networks and become career-ready through first jobs, internships, and leadership and entrepreneurship training. Learn More

Stories of Progress

Pathways to Progress has connected over 1 million young women globally to opportunities that prepare them for today's job market, helping contribute to their economic progress and that of their families and communities. Here are a few of these young women's stories.

Creating Onramps

In partnership with leading community organizations around the globe, the Citi Foundation supports programs that are creating onramps to help young women enter the workforce and reach their full potential. Below are some examples of these programs that focus primarily on young women.

Promoting Women in Technology

Cornell Tech | New York, USA

Cornell Tech, in partnership with the City University of New York, is addressing the gender gap in the computer science and IT fields through a multi-layered program called WiTNY that focuses on curriculum innovation, the recruitment and retention of young women and also connecting them to expanded networking, internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

Linking Culture + Entrepreneurship

Community-Based Conservation & Development Research
Center of Guizhou | Guiyang, China

The Center is providing young, primarily ethnic minority women in Guizhou, China with technical, financial management and market development trainings that are helping them launch their own small businesses focused on local, culturally-relevant handcrafts.

Developing Scalable Business Ideas

TechnoServe | Multi-Regional

TechnoServe is working in several countries in Africa, throughout India and across Central and South America to support young entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on women and girls. Each project considers the local economic environment and delivers business skills training, ongoing mentoring and support for the scaling of business ideas.

Endorsing Entrepreneurship as a Career Path

Foundation for Women's Entrepreneurship | Warsaw, Poland

Foundation for Women's Entrepreneurship is supporting the growth of women-led enterprises in Warsaw, Poland, by providing high-potential female entrepreneurs with access to intensive business training, one-on-one mentorship, access to office space, business networking meetings and technical assistance to properly design, manage and scale their companies.

Creating a Diverse Local Tech Industry

Laboratoria | Lima, Peru

Laboratoria is recruiting and training young women in Lima, Peru to become web developers using a curriculum that was developed in collaboration with tech firms in Peru and Silicon Valley. Once trained, the young women are connected to paid internships and full-time job opportunities.

Enabling Financial Independence

Global Sisters | Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia

Global Sisters is delivering business education specifically designed for at-risk young women, including refugees and indigenous individuals, to help put them on the path to self-employment and financial independence. These young women are equipped with the mindset, business knowledge and practical skills necessary to be an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. Ongoing, end-to-end business development support is provided to the young women wanting to turn their business ideas into reality, thereby becoming job creators and not just job seekers.

Citi Volunteers

Citi employee volunteers play a powerful role in our Pathways to Progress programs around the globe, acting as mentors, coaches and role models to young adults in support of their career ambitions. Here are two of their stories.

Meet Farjana
City Treasury & Trade Solutions | New York, USA

"I wanted to volunteer as a mentor because I also grew up in the vast New York City public school system. I went to a CUNY school, not far from home, but I still felt underprepared. Not academically, just the soft skills, life skills, things I wish I had known. There are so many students who could really use and benefit from the advice and knowledge that a professional adult can impart, and mentoring can be mutually beneficial. By working with a teenager, I've broadened my communication skills, which has helped me at work and in life. Rosemary is an amazing young adult, and I'm so happy to have played a small role in helping Rosemary begin her career journey."
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Meet Gary
Risk Management | Singapore

"Being a proud father of three girls and a boy, I have developed a passion for working with youth to help inspire them to excel in the fast changing world. Over the years I have had the opportunity to mentor both male and female youth. The females, while typically more meticulous, tend to be less outspoken and confident when compared to their male counterparts. However, I've noticed the females tend to be more open to feedback during the mentoring process and therefore I usually see the greatest growth and development in them over the 15-week program. In today's complex environment, we need competent leaders of both genders who bring their respective strengths and styles to build a better world together, and these future leaders need mentors to help guide them."
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